The last 6 months were pretty exiting and I saw a lot of the USA but I’m very happy to be back in Germany.

I spent most of my time working at the BMW Tech Office in Mountain View. It was very interesting to see what challenges a global player like BMW faces and how they approach the digitalisation. I learned about the complexity of cars and especially about their entertainment system. About how a phone can interact with a BMW either in the car or via remote services. About the problems when working remotely on a big app and how the future might look like. I also learned a lot about the problems when developing for Apple Watch - you guess right it’s sometimes a real pain - and about how early stage the Swift compiler still is - compile times are not its best part yet :/.

I really liked the setting of the BMW Tech Office. It’s a small office with a very diverse team and a really great community. Not only did we interns see a lot California, Hawaii, Arizona and Vegas on our road trips, but also all the full time employees always have an open door for you. You can really learn a lot - also about other topics like autonomous driving, design or battery technologies - and have a lot of fun. They also never treat you like “a small intern” but you get real responsibilities and can actually have an impact on the projects.

However I’m happy to be back near my girlfriend, family and friends in a country with a (mostly) sane government, actual health care and affordable prices - food and housing is soooo cheap here xD. Also the weather is not that different right now - I just pretend for now that it continues to rain in California as it did while I was there ;-). I had a good time over there, hope to see all those awesome people again - some sooner some later - and really like to thank everyone who supported me on this trip.

So the next stations are called master thesis and ImmobilienScout in Berlin :-)