This spring and summer was very exiting and a lot is changing. My time at ImmobilienScout 24 is ending and a new chapter begins next month when I start to work for the BMW Technology Office in Mountain View, California.

I started to work at ImmobilienScout 24 in 2012 as a working student and am now leaving after nearly 4 years. It’s been a great time and I really learned a lot there.

I started as Scout 24 to maintain two hybrid apps which were written in Javascript and it was a real “challenge” to get stuff done in there xD. Fortunately I was then assigned to develop a mobile version of the real estate financing portal and joined a team of experienced engineers. It was nice to learn a lot about working in a professional, agile team and the guys (and girls) were awesome in including me into really everything they did. I never felt like “the little working student” but was part of the team. I think this had a huge impact on me and I hope they continue to operate on this high level!

Since I already had a lot of experience in developing native iOS apps and we wanted to shut down the fragile and outdated hybrid apps, I joined the iOS team to include the most important parts of those apps in the main ImmobilienScout 24 iOS app.

At first it was experiment if this way of working would go well, since we had to communicate between several departments with different business goals. But it proved to be successful very soon and I was integrated into the iOS team like a full member as well. In 2014 my working student contract had to end because of a 2 year limit, but I was then hired under a “normal” contract and continued to split my time between work and studying.

We built a lot of cool features and I was also able to push some code modernization projects. It was very motivating to see the trust the team had in me. Of course we had bugs, sometimes though deadlines or strange requirements but that’s business and as long as the team faces these challenges together it’s more fun than chore to get to work in the morning. We had great product owners with love to details and UX, some very good designers (although we had times were our resources were limited in that field) and an awesome team of engineers in the iOS as well as the Android team. After all I was more motivated to go to work than to university :-)

In 2015 I won a ticket for the WWDC and although it was some hazzle to get the budget cleared for me because of some organizational things, I could visit San Francisco together with a colleague. Big thanks to all those people who helped to make this work! It was my first time in the US and it was really awesome. I can only recommend everyone who’s interested in iOS to get there at least once.

After my short visit to San Francisco I knew that I want to get there again. Unfortunately my first attempts to apply for a job or internship at several companies didn’t went well. After all it’s risky for those companies to get people form europe. But thanks to some fellow students I got to know about the BMW Technology Office in Mountain View and applied there. It took a while, but then in May I got the positive response.

Now after all the bureaucratic burdens I finally have my J-1 Visa and am heading of to the states tomorrow. It’s not an easy leave since I need to leave a lot behind - at least until christmas. But it’s also very exiting and I hope to see and learn a lot over there in the next 6 months. After that I’ll come back in March, write my master’s thesis and then we will see. :-)

Thanks to all those people who supported me during my time at ImmobilienScout 24! It was a pleasure to work with you and keep motivating and educating young software engineers.

PS: I didn’t include names here on purpose, because I don’t know who wants to be named. I guess everyone knows when he or she is mentioned indirectly ;-)