With this post I want to give prospective iOS Devs some links to really good learning resources. And also more experienced Devs might learn something from some of the Blogs ;-)


Standford iOS course (CS 193P) @ iTunes U

This course is really good and you can usually follow it including all exercises. It’s maybe a bit more ‘academic’ since it’s a university lecture and you should already be familiar with object oriented programming. Since it’s an iTunes U course it works nicely with all your Apple devices. I suspect that there’ll be a new Swift 2.0 version of the course this winter.

Ray Wenderlich

Probably the biggest source of iOS related tutorials. They cover basically everything in the iOS ecosystem. Most of the tutorials are free. Only some are paid. But even that’s totally okay - we all need to earn money and they provide really good quality. Usually they also update their older tutorials for new Swift Syntax etc.



Started by the legend Mattt Thompson (AFNetworking FTW!) this is a really nice blog about the not so often used features of iOS and OS X. Some of the topics are a bit advanced and maybe not that practical but it’s awesome to see what’s possible.

Apple Swift Blog

Apple’s only official Blog. Always worth a look about new Swift stuff or if you want to learn more about it’s internals.


A nice page with a lot of resources about all sorts of topics. They usually have really great authors and are also writing some books at the moment. And they are from Berlin yeah!

Natasha the Robot

I wish I could keep Natasha’s pace of creating blog posts. She has a lot of small stuff and I always enjoy reading her posts.

Mike Ash

A very interesting blog mostly about the lower level stuff. He usually has a very close and critical look at the APIs.


Apple Docu

Might seem trivial but read the documentation! And not only those nice class references. There are a lot of guides and demo projects.

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

You might not be the designer in your team, nevertheless these guidelines are a mandatory read for iOS Devs! It’s just part of knowing how the system works to provide the best possible solution.

WWDC Videos

Great videos - I love Apple’s way of presenting stuff ;-). You can also download their slides as PDFs and skim through them if you don’t want to watch a whole 45-50min video.

Newsletter & News

Dave Werver iOS Newsletter

This one is mandatory! Get the best news and posts of the week every Friday.


Good news site with focus on Apple stuff. Nice to stay up to date on the ‘business’ side of Apple stuff or to read something while you’re compiling your project from scratch because you had to delete your ‘Derived Data’ folder once more ;-).